MLVS Banquet

As MLVS embarks on its 48th year of operation, it continues onward and upward in the spirit and legacy of its longtime Director, the late Rosario Anaya. For our fundraiser this year, we are excited to partner with Noise Pop’s 20th Street Block Party for a very special brunch to dedicate the MLVS building at 2929 19th Street, SF to the memory of Rosario Anaya, by renaming it Centro Educacional de Rosario Anaya / Rosario Anaya Education Center. This event will raise much needed funding support for MLVS’ vocational and basic skills educational programs in Healthcare, Hospitality, and Technology.

The brunch will be catered by our own catering La Floridita SF, and take place in front of the MLVS building, known by many as the Centro Social Obrero, along the sidewalk and in the street, beginning at 11am with a sit-down gala brunch. Program will continue with a building dedication ceremony at 12:30 open to a wider audience, and conclude by 1pm, and other activities will take place throughout the duration of the festival, which goes from 12pm–6pm. Features include performances by La Gente, Dos Four, DJ's, a taco bar from La Floridita SF, and much much more!

Standing gallery open to the general public from 12:30pm–1pm for the building dedication ceremony. Join us in our taco bar and lounge after the dedication.

A VIP Wine Pairing event will take place on the second floor of the MLVS building in the La Floridita event hall from 1pm–4pm.


Sit-down gala brunch

2929 19th Street, sidewalk


Building dedication ceremony

2929 19th Street


VIP Wine Pairing

2929 19th Street, Second Floor
La Floridita event hall