EHS Pilates

Author: Ariana Cisneros

EHS is a Pilates studio on Valencia, founded in 1991 by Ellie Herman. While initially named for its founder, the studio, after being transferred to directors Nancy Myers and Tracy Sylvester, is named Energy Health Strength, retaining the EHS acronym. Nancy Meyers, who still teaches the teacher training program and specializes in rehabilitative gait Pilates, acts as the director of educational programming. Tracy Sylvester acts as owner of the studio. EHS, partnered with Balanced Body, the main manufacturer of west coast Pilates equipment, helped create the Balanced Body teacher training program: a comprehensive 500 hour certification process that includes hands on teaching for comprehensive (ie, all mat and equipment certification). EHS currently offers recreational Pilates, rehabilitative Pilates, gait-specific Pilates, pre/post pregnancy Pilates, Bodhi and Qi Gong. Other non-movement services include weight loss, chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture services.


The Balanced Body Teacher training program taught within EHS trains their students  with future EHS studio teachers specifically in mind, but has produced a number of instructors in the Bay Area and beyond. Predominantly featuring a west coast Pilates style, involving more extension, broader creative choreography and more cross discipline collaboration, EHS can be a welcoming place for innovative and experienced instructors to hone their teaching styles based on their background in complement with the Pilates method.



The Preggo Pilates program, headed by Stephanie Forster, is a comprehensive exercise program offering both private and group classes focusing on the different aspects of pre and post-natal changes in clients. Fitness instructors design exercise programs based on the guidelines prescribed by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Private and group classes address diastasis recti, pelvic floor strength, and recovery from cesarean section based on clients’ needs. With the consent of physicians/midwives if postnatal (typically after 6-8 weeks), this program is intended to dramatically speed up recovery time as well as aid in bodily mobility and strength during the pregnancy itself.


Nancy Meyers, one of the studio’s directors, heads the foot and gait program, which provides services in rehabilitative Pilates to improve chronic pain symptoms by addressing the structural alignment of clients. A veteran Pilates teacher of teachers, her 20 years of experience has led to a comprehensive body of work on gait, such as in her “Walk with Nancy” program, her teacher training program for gait, and her expansive repertoire designed for the Coralign.


EHS contains not only a downstairs mat and springboard studio, often used for group classes, but also an upstairs equipment studio  designated for privates, duets, and small classes. Pilates equipment standards such as full cadillacs, reformers, chairs, and springboards are present in multiples--a feature that easily accommodates duets and small classes on a variety of equipment.  EHS, because of its close relationship with Balanced Body, new and unique Pilates equipment, such as the Corealign, a moving pedal system targeted towards retraining gait. EHS instructors range in experience from decades of teaching Pilates to apprentices gaining teaching hours for full certification, allowing for members of the community to access Pilates privates at a wide variety of price points.


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