Organic Pallet Design

My first real encounter with pallets was at the age of 7. My father worked two jobs most of his life, and I would sometimes tag along on a Friday night to his second job in Union City. He repaired pallets as a secondary form of income in order to provide the family with the essentials.  After staying up all night, I always enjoyed sinking my teeth on a glazed doughnut from Winchell's as we made our way back home in East Oakland at the corner of E14th and 6400 block. When he was released from his main employment soon after, a family meeting was called upon. Being the youngest out of 5 siblings, I needed to sit on a cushion in the dinning room table in order to have a presence.  

Lets fast forward to 2016. I decided to start Organic Pallet Design LLC, although I was already doing events for four years. It has always been more of an outlet to explore and create, I never considered it to be a sustainable business model. As my passion grew and more requests for different events came to fruition, I decided to take the bold step and pursue what I genuinely loved doing.  My mission is to create a unique and immersive experience by harnessing up cycled pallets in their current form. We have incorporated other packaging materials such as wine barrels and wine boxes that allow us to render a more diverse design. Utilizing what is readily available is our call. Humanity would be in a better place if future generations would harness and cultivate this mind set, especially during this political climate.  Pallets are a universal commodity in which can be obtained in almost any state, country, or region in the world.  

Our approach is to take a customer idea and create a design platform in which reclaimed pallets are utilized. When reclaimed pallets are not sufficient we then incorporate new FSC certified wood to finalize customer build. Wood pallets are the single most important object in the global economy for transporting goods. It was a natural choice for myself and OPD members to harness what is readily available and maximize the life span of what others would more than often discard.  The decision to use pallets as our main building block was a decision that would drastically reduce the consumption of less sustainable products and raw materials from being produced. 

I would like to thank my father, Jose G Padilla SR, and brothers, Jose, Javier, Carlos, Joe, and Juana whom instilled the work ethic in me. I also want to thank my mother, Altagracia, for her unspoken love and admiration in keeping our family together.  Last but not least, my beautiful wife, Sofia, and my two daughters, Eva and Ari, without you three I don't think I would have the courage and will to be following my passion. 

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