Our Neighbor: Norm's Market

Norm's Market first opened in 1957 by Naim Totah. As an immigrant with very little to his name, he took a small corner store and made it into a neighborhood gem that became a special addition to the neighborhood. His family lived across the street and soon became major members of what would become the "best corner in the mission".  By showing respect, hard work, and a true love of the community, Norms Market became a favorite of the neighborhood. The store took care of the community and the community always watched out for the store and it's family. 


As the many years have gone by, the structure of the neighborhood changed many times. But one thing has remained constant, the store. Naim Totah retired and passed the business on to his son Bob who also grew up working in the store. He, in turn, passed the business down to his son, Meemo Totah. Through the tech boom and deflation, Norms Market has stood the test of time. 

The values that kept Norm's around for almost 60 years are still the values that keep it going strong today. We take care of the neighborhood and will continue to do so. Thank you to the community for all its support through the years and here's to many more successful years for our neighborhood.  We are happy to participate in the 20th Street Block Party and look forward to many more community gatherings!

Noise Pop